Workshop on Semiparametric Statistics


Final Program

December 13

9h00 Registration
9h30 Opening by the chair of the organising committee
9h40 Session 1a: Functional data analysis (Chair: Olivier Thas)
Aurore Delaigle (Keynote)
Analyzing partially observed functional data
10h40 Coffee break
11h10 Session 1b: Functional data analysis (Chair: Jan De Neve)
Clement Cerovecki
Functional GARCH models
Kim Hendrickx
Score estimation in the monotone single index model
12h00 Lunch break
13h15 Session 2a: Semiparametric efficiency and ranks (Chair: Christophe Ley)
Marc Hallin (Keynote)
Multivariate distribution and quantile functions, ranks and signs: a measure transportation approach
14h15 Coffee break
14h30 Session 2b: Semiparametric efficiency and ranks (Chair: Davy Paindaveine)
Karel Vermeulen
Semiparametric estimation of probabilistic index models: efficiency and bias
Gustavo Amorim
Small sample inference for probabilistic index models
Menggang Yu
A semiparametric approach to effect modifier identification
15h45 Coffee break
16h05 Session 3: Survival analysis (Chair: Ingrid Van Keilegom)
Thomas Gerds (Invited)
Time trend analysis
Valentin Patilea (Invited)
General approached for cure models in survival analysis in the presence of covariates
Yue Zhao
Envelopes for censored quantile regression
18h00 End of day 1
20h00 Conference dinner at Brasserie Ha (Kouter 29, 9000 Gent)

December 14

9h30 Session 4a: High-dimensional inference (Chair: Stijn Vansteelandt)
Aad van der Vaart (Keynote)
Estimation of parameters in very-high dimensional semiparametric models
10h30 Morning coffee
11h00 Session 4b: High-dimensional inference (Chair: Karel Vermeulen)
Oliver Dukes
High-dimensional inference for regression parameters under model misspecification
Vahe Avagyan
Honest data-adaptive inference
 for the average treatment effect using penalised bias-reduced double-robust estimation
Julien Bodelet
Robust Sieve M-estimation 
with an application to dimension reduction
12h15 Lunch break
13h30 Session 5: Circular and spherical data analysis (Chair: Christophe Ley)
Christine Cutting
Testing uniformity on high-dimensional spheres against monotone rotationally symmetric alternatives
Thomas Verdebout
Spherical location testing in high-dimension
Jose Ameijeiras-Alonso
Optimal semiparametric tests for circular reflective symmetry
14h45 Closing remarks
15h00 End of workshop