Workshop on Semiparametric Statistics


Final Program

December 13

9h00 Registration
9h30 Opening by the chair of the organising committee
9h40 Session 1a: Functional data analysis
Invited speaker: Aurore Delaigle
 Analyzing partially observed functional data
10h40 Coffee break
11h10 Session 1b: Functional data analysis
Contributed speakers: Eftychia Solea
 Gaussian copula graphical models for functional data
Clement Cerovecki
 Functional GARCH models
and Kim Hendrickx
 Score estimation in the monotone single index model
12h25 Lunch break
13h40 Session 2: Semiparametric efficiency and ranks
Invited speaker: Marc Hallin
 Multivariate distribution and quantile functions, ranks and signs: a measure transportation approach
Contributed speakers: Karel Vermeulen
 Semiparametric estimation of probabilistic index models: efficiency and bias
Gustavo Amorim
 Small sample inference for probabilistic index models
and Menggang Yu
 A semiparametric approach to effect modifier identification
15h40 Coffee break
16h10 Session 3: Survival analysis
Invited speakers: Thomas Gerds
 Time trend analysis
and Valentin Patilea
 General approached for cure models in survival analysis in the presence of covariates
Contributed speaker: Yue Zhao
 Envelopes for censored quantile regression
17h55 End of day 1
20h00 Conference dinner

December 14

9h30 Session 4a: High-dimensional inference
Invited speaker: Aad van der Vaart
 Estimation of parameters in very-high dimensional semiparametric models
10h30 Morning coffee
11h00 Session 4b: High-dimensional inference
Contributed speakers: Vahe Avagyan
 Honest data-adaptive inference
 for the average treatment effect using penalised bias-reduced double-robust estimation
Olivier Dukes
 High-dimensional inference for regression parameters under model misspecification
and Julien Bodelet
 Robust Sieve M-estimation 
with an application to dimension reduction
12h15 Lunch break
13h30 Session 5: Circular and spherical data analysis
Contributed speakers: Christine Cutting
 Testing uniformity on high-dimensional spheres against monotone rotationally symmetric alternatives
Thomas Verdebout
 Spherical location testing in high-dimension
and Jose Ameijeiras-Alonso
 Optimal semiparametric tests for circular reflective symmetry
14h45 Closing remarks
15h00 End of workshop